Welcome to the Eye of the Dog Art Center information website!

The Eye of the Dog Art Center is a unique, customized and fun approach to learning and discovering the joy of creating art. The center, located in San Marcos, Texas (in between San Antonio and Austin), is an immersive experience for the seasoned veteran to the inexperienced novice. The classes are inviting, non-judgmental workshops that showcase their students natural creativity.

Photo courtesy of eyeofthedog.com

Photo courtesy of eyeofthedog.com

The center recruits world-class talent and internationally known artists to participate in teaching and instructing classes. The art center hosts workshops, community events and classes around learning different art forms such as ceramics, construction and art.

The workshops are held in the Eye of the Dog Art Center facility – a 2800 square foot, air conditioned space that is designed to enhance the creative spirit. A group of well-known regional and nationally acclaimed are known to teach at the art center frequently, with classes happening almost all the time.

Bios of Instructors

Billy Ray Mangham – has a B.A. in ceramics from San Jose State University. He has also taught at the Museum of Art and Austin Community College for 10 years. He is one of the original founder of the center back in 2008.

Beverly Mangham – Wife of Billy, she is one of the founders of the art center. She have a BS in education with teacher certification for art for grades 1 through 8. She brings a lot of diversity to her style and her work. She likes to incorporate unusual items to bring your own spice to your artwork.

Ty Johnson – Moved from Oklahoma, this old photographer now has a love for funny yard art. He is self-taught and has a passion for ceramics. He is also a proud member of the Texas clay community.

Gery Henderson – Born in El Paso, Texas, Gery comes from a background of rich culture and history. He is primarily known for designed and building leather items. He first started working in clay, but has now moved onto raku and hand building practises.

Upcoming Events

You can also take a look at the upcoming events and workshops at the Eye of the Dog Art Center. They are always putting on events that are usually welcoming to all skill levels. For example, they recently had a bird feeder workshop that went over the idea development, engineering and fabrication of a ceramic bird feeder. Some of the best teachers from Texas instruct these events, so you won’t want to miss out.

These events are also great ways to get out and meet other people within the art community in Texas. There are even groups specifically just for women, where you can meet, chat and socialize with others about not only art, but beauty products such as Idol Lash. There’s always something new for your to discover! Another great event is the annual salsa contest – bring in your best salsa and be judged!

Photo courtesy of eyeofthedog.com

Photo courtesy of eyeofthedog.com

What is ceramic art?

Ceramic art is a form of art that is created from clay and other raw materials to form objects such as tiles, cutlery, etc. Ceramics can range from high art to decorative pieces. There is a long history of ceramic art dating back hundreds of years. Decorative ceramics are sometimes called “art pottery.”

Many museums include ceramic art in their collections because of their antique and historic feel. Ceramics have been a part of history in almost every culture known to man. It is a very expressive form of art.

About San Marcos, Texas

San Marcos is a city of about 45,000 people located just between San Antonio and Austin, Texas. It is home to Texas State University. It was listed 4th on a list for “Best Places to Raise Your Kids” and also “10 Most Exciting Small Cities in America.” The climate is usually hott and humid, typically Texas-like weather. The city is known for it’s gorgeous nature elements, with rivers, cactus and flora spawning across the city.